WOW – Sorry To Disappear But…

It has been over a year since we posted on our blog. WOW. It is hard to explain how we could be away for so long, but the simple reason is because life happens, and it is sometimes hard to even meet the status quo. A few updates in the life of our grandma, Nee... Continue Reading →


Help me get followers and likes please!!!!!

This is my dear friend Katie, and she needs followers!

My Saving Grace

I want 100 followers by July 4th. I have two gift cards of unspeakable value. Follower 100 gets first pick. Then I will have a randomizer pick the other one. But if it does happen before the 4th there will be an extra festive gift in the package!

Also I have this….

Saving Grace GoFundMe

I just want to make relationships with survivors and go to the Canyon and walk or go get coffee or go to burn studio and have fun. If you are painting or walking or talking or singing you are not thinking! Good for the brain! I don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t join us due to money.

Burn Studio Burn Studio

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Emotional Effects Of Parkinson’s Disease

We wanted to talk about the emotional and mental effects of Parkinson's, because the mental health of both the patient and caregivers can have so much influence on symptoms. Not only are symptoms increased when negative emotions run rampant, but the disease itself causes so much pain and confusion, creating a "vicious cycle." When H... Continue Reading →

Where to Start?

We should have started this far sooner than now. There is a huge chunk of this real life story that isn't documented. We will try to catch you up so please bear with us through this unusually long post. Our grandma, Nee Nee, is in the late stages of Parkinson's disease...

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